about me

Hi there! I'm Nicka Danse.


Welcome to Do-Creates!


We are a full service graphic & business design boutique.


we provide an accommodating range of design and alteration services - To name a few:

- Logo design

- photo alteration

- mood boarding

- Magazine design

- Style Sheets


How did my journey begin?

As a young child, I was always creative, expressive, and loving.

Throughout the years, this creative drive continued to grow to push me towards fashion design, design internships, logo graphics ect.

And now I see the opportunity of actually applying my skills though building a small business to help other businesses grow graphically.


 feel free to contact me!


If you are curios to any of my own products please take a look in the webshop.



other projects


Follow me on social media for the latest projects, events, and products.

En these social media channels you can also find inspiration for your next designs/projects, or follow the journey of the projects I am currently working on.

I post my process and final designs on Pinterest and Instagram.

No Pinterest or Instagram?

then take a look at the slide show below to get an idea of my work.

Or contact me to make an appointment.